02 Nov 2011

MDX dryer (4)

For removing condensate in compressed air according to European environmental directives. Uses R134a ecological gas; with by-pass

A dryer featuring:

                  • low dewpoint,
                  • lower maintenance,
                  • high reliability.




Filters and by-pass dryer

(1) Using the filters, it is possible to eliminate dust and oil particles up to a filtration degree of 0.01␣ and to a degree of residual oil equal to 0.01 mg/m3.
(2) There is also the possibility of by-passing the dryer, assuring in any case air filtration.
(3) All condensate coming from the dryer, filters and tank, is centrally collected and drained in a single point through a timed drain device.





A complete compression unit in a small space

In the version with dryer, one has in a single solution: compressor, dryer, tank and filters in just 1.2 m2 (500 l) with the following advantages:

  • minimum space requirement and easy installation
  • no installation costs for the dryer and the filters (all assembled at the manufacturing factory’s premises)
  • elimination of air leaks in pipes
  • the elimination of many pipes assures a minimum fall of pressure, increasing energy savings.