High performance, silent running, simple installation and maintenance, makes MSA compressor the top class of models currently available in the market.

The use of highly reliable components and the high productive efficiency of our renewed assembly lines, results in a more reliable product. A rationalised layout, a lower number of components subject to wear and their ergonomic positioning, reduce operating costs.


MDX dryer (4)

For removing condensate in compressed air according to European environmental directives. Uses R134a ecological gas; with by-pass

A dryer featuring:

                  • low dewpoint,
                  • lower maintenance,
                  • high reliability.





                  In designing this series of machines, special attention has been paid to the aspect of “SERVICEABILITY”. All the internal parts are easily accessible, and the oil level is visible from the outside, with no requirement to remove any panels.


                  Replacing and
                  tensioning belts

                  For the replacement and/or tensioning of the belts, just remove one fixed protection (side panel). The special transmission design ensures proper alignment of the pulleys.