07 Oct 2016

The above video is a introduction to the Pneumark Inverter Air Compressors controller. This is an easy to use controller that allows operators to review and maintain their air compressor system.

air compressor status main screen

Main Screen.

The main screen give the operator a overview of the air compressors status.

air compressor values

The key information on the centre of screen is the operating,

  • Pressure level of the air system,
  • Temperature of the inverter drive which can be set,
  • Frequency showing between 0 to 160 Hz,
  • Power showing between 0 – 22 Kw, and
  • Fan speed of the cooling fan in Hz.





air compressor state settings


The bottom bar shows the Run hours of the machine and the Load hours of the machine, and also the Status of the operating compressor at the current moment.


On the right of the screen you have the Menu option to access further parameters to be controlled, a Reset and Load/Unload manual operation buttons, and also a simple Start and Stop button.




Air Compressor Parameter Applications.

The menu applications give the Pneumark service technicians and factory operators further options to view and activate parameters controlling the machine.

air compressor parameter applications

On pre-commission the parameters are preset by the Pneumark service technicians prior to install to fine tune the machines operational status for your factory. Then, ongoing our air technicians will manage the ideal operational settings as your factory grows and changes. 

air compressor run parameterRun Parameter

The Run parameter shows an additional in depth view of the machines current operational status.

The content shows a log of the current usage of the operational wear on serviceable items. This help reduce unnecessary replacement of serviceable items.



air-compressor-user-parameterUser Parameter

These open settings via client password can easily be adjusted during operation to optimise the air compressor efficiency to match the factories current air requirements.



Fact, Calibration, Config, VSD set, Touch Calib, Motor VSD, and Fan VSD Parameters.


These parameter are all password protected for the Pneumark service technicians. The parameters within these applications are pre-set by the Pneumark service technicians prior to install to fine tune the machines operational status for your factory.







air-compressor-block-parameterBlock Parameter

This application controls the ability to easily interconnect with other Pneumark air compressors. Up to 16 air compressor machines in series.





air compressor main parameterMain Parameter

This application allows you to set the serviceable items life span and live view of the current run times of the serviceable items.





air-compressor-scheduled-work-parameterScheduled Work Parameter

This application allows operators to set an automatic 7 day start/stop schedule for the air compressor.





air compressor fault parameterFault Log.

This application is an error log for the service technicians records and trouble shooting. The information lists the occurred faults along with their date and times.




Date air compressor date parameter& Time

This application allows the operator to set the local date and time for the air compressor. This ensures the time accuracy of the controller features.