01 Nov 2011


In designing this series of machines, special attention has been paid to the aspect of “SERVICEABILITY”. All the internal parts are easily accessible, and the oil level is visible from the outside, with no requirement to remove any panels.


Replacing and
tensioning belts

For the replacement and/or tensioning of the belts, just remove one fixed protection (side panel). The special transmission design ensures proper alignment of the pulleys.




Air intake filter replacement

This operation requires removing only the upper panel.

Ordinary maintenance

  • Discharge of condensate
  • Oil top-off
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Oil separator filter replacement

All of these interventions are possible by removing only two panels.

Orginal Part, Your quality assurance

The ‘original part’ identification confirms that these components passed the specific strict test criteria. All parts are designed to match the compressor and are approved for use on the specified compressor only. They have been thoroughly tested to obtain the highest level of protection, extending the compressors’ lifetime and keeping the cost of ownership to an absolute minimum. No compromises are made on reliability. The use of ‘original part’ certified quality components ensures reliable operation and will not impact your warranty, unlike other parts. Look for your quality assurance.