Screw Compressor Installation

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Screw Compressor Installationc

S & L Engineering was engaged in 2009 to help solve recurrent compressor failures and noise issues, on Metro based service station sites with automated car wash facilities.  The following problems had been encountered:

  • Any major air leak occurring within the plant on site had the affect of causing the existing piston compressors to run constantly to keep up with the demand for air. This frequently caused overheating and substantial mechanical damage to the compressor, with the resulting increase in maintenance and/or capital costs.
  • Noise issues on these sites also had become an issue, as several were located adjacent to residential areas and complaints had been made.

To solve these issues it was proposed a MARK Mini MSM (5.5kW) silenced screw compressor installation. These units are competitively priced and offer the following benefits:

  • With the MARK Mini MSM any rise in temperature due to increased workload is detected by an internal sensor and the compressor shuts down before damage can occur.
  • The Mini MSM runs at a very quiet 61dB(A); almost as low as a household appliance.  This is substantially quieter than the piston compressors that they replaced, lower even than the equivalent silenced models.

In the first year following installation of the MSM Mini Screws on larger car wash sites the feedback has been very satisfactory , with no further noise complaints being received and any air leaks occurring being repaired without damage to capital equipment.

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The Testimonial

Joshua Tunks – Dedicated Constructions
As a shop fitter, S&L Engineering air compressor specification advise suited my individual needs with a outstanding solution. The air compressor unit doesn't miss a beat, and is highly reliable along with the comfort of their sales support.

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