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CPX Refrigerant Dryer Series

Top air quality for high end equipment and processes

  • Dry quality air prolongs the life of process equipment and provides superior production quality.
  • Preventing equipment from corrosion by removing water vapour during compression process.
  • Compact, high efficient device to meet continuous air demand.
  • Ease of installation with small footprint.

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Dryer CPX

CPX dryers are machines designed for treating compressed air. By using the refrigerant characteristics of refrigerant fluids, these dryers lower the temperature of the compressed air, causing water vapour to condense and discharge prior to it entering any distribution system.

CPX Series
Max Pressure (Bar)  16
Capacity Range (cfm)  12 – 2472

Clean air for longevity of equipment and superior production quality.

Prevents corrosion of equipment by removing atmospheric air impurities.

High efficiency devices for extended lifetime, lower maintenance cost and improved production process.

Easy installation and maintenance with fixed assembly and mobile cartridge body.

Manual & Automatic no air loss condensate discharge.

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