6999200010 MSM MINI 2,2- 5,5 Kw_EN.pdf6999200010 MSM MINI 2,2- 5,5 Kw_EN.pdf6999200010 MSM MINI 2,2- 5,5 Kw_EN.pdf6999200010 MSM MINI 2,2- 5,5 Kw_EN.pdf

MARK MINI MSM Rotary Screw Compressors

MSM RANGE MINI 2,2 – 5,5kW/3-7.5hp


  • Base Mounted/Tank Mounted/Dry Version
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • More air with lower energy costs
  • 61-64dB(A) – LOW NOISE

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The Product

2,2–3–4–5,5 kW/3–4–5,5–7,5 HP – MSM MINI

A small-capacity machine built with the components used for large compressors:

A highly efficient screw unit that compresses air without contact with metallic parts;

  • An efficient cooling system;
  • A new regulation concept that combines the advantages of piston compressors and screw compressors;
  • Dry air in the DRY version, with dryer;
  • Dry, de-oiled air in the Super Dry version, with dryer and filters;
  • Completely automatic operation for industrial service;
  • A complete unit, ready to use

Version with base

Especially suitable for installations near which compressed air is needed or as an extension to existing installations.This compressor chiefly comprises: suction filter, compressor, electric motor, oil filter and cooler, air-cooling system, start-up and regulation control panel, support base and stylish, anti-noise housing.

Version on tank

Especially suitable for new or independent installations where compressed air with a low noise level is needed. The unit consists of a compressor and tank.

Dry Version

Especially suitable for installations that need to produce compressed air with a low dew-point. The unit consists of a compressor, a tank and a refrigerating dryer using R 134 gas: it features a dew-point indicator and timed condensate discharge. When oil-free compressed air is required, the unit can be fitted with a series of de-oiling filters.

  • Provides compressed air without condensate;
  • Protects machine operation;
  • Improves the quality of the final product;
  • Requires less space;
  • Eliminates dryer costs;
  • Uses ecological gas and is thus environmentally-friendly.


A reliable compressor whose main components have proven effective during years of use in industrial installations and are those usually used for larger compressors:

  • Highly efficient screw unit
  • Top-brand individual components
  • MSA pump and motor
  • Industrial compressor technology

Go for Quality!

Original Parts fit the best. Only they will guarantee the original performance of your machine. To ensure maximum working efficiency and a long life time every part must conform to specific technical standards. With the use of Original Parts you are certain about the quality, life time, utilized material and the impact on other components.

All these aspects are important to make the right choice for spare parts.
Only with original components you can be sure about these factors.
Therefore your best choice is an Original Part.

Additional Information

Power Rating

5.5 – 15 kW

Product Type

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

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