MARK RMB RANGE – Gear Driven/Fixed Speed/IVR Direct Driven

26-37kW – 35-50hp



  • Simple installation
  • Ease of maintenance and accessibility
  • Long service intervals
  • Lower energy consumption owing to IE3 motor and IVR technology
  • ES4000 controller as standard
  • Solid Quality with first class components
  • Offers many safety features

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POWER 26 – 37kW
PRESSURE 7,5 – 13 Bar

Compressed air drives your Company and choosing the right compressor for your application is crucial. Going for our RMB and RMB IVR ranges of highly efficient and flexible oil-injected screw compressors is a choice your will not regret.

The new RMB IVR closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. Combined with the innovative design of direct driven transmission , this results in average energy savings of 35% and an average cut of 25% in the lifecycle cost of a compressor.


Simple Installation

  • Compact and all in one system, thanks to the oversized integrated dryers. The cyclonic water separator and the coalescent filter are available as options
  • Innovative design
  • Easy and fully protected transport
  • No special foundation needed

Solid Quality

  • Highly reliable transmissions for a quiet and trouble free operation
  • High capacity oil/air coolers, perfect air filtration and cooling guarantee less thermal shocks and a longer lifetime
  • Overload protection and full automatic control
  • High quality and heavy duty motor

Easy Maintenance and Accessibility

  • All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility
  • Oil-level eye at the front
  • Easy and quick check thanks to service door and controller
  • Service and cleaning is a one person job

Saving of costs

  • Lower energy consumption thanks to IE3 motors or IVR technology
  • Optimal efficiency, lubrication and cooling
  • Long service Intervals


  • Emergency stop
  • Protection grid
  • IP54 electrical cubicle
  • Internal and external protection for the electric fan

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Additional Information

Power Rating

15 – 30 kW, 30 – 55 kW

Product Type

Rotary Screw Air Compressors, VSD Energy Saving Compressors

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