CP Line Filter Series

Reliable Filtration for Superior System Protection

To protect your investment, equipment and processes, CP Compressors has developed a complete range of particulate, coalescing and adsorbing filters which efficiently reduce all types of contamination with minimal pressure drop.

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The innovative filtration solutions will suit the high quality air requirements of your specific process, while protecting your equipment and compressed air network from harmful contaminants.

CPF Series
Max Pressure (bar) 16
Capacity Range (cfm) 35 – 1413

Fixed Body
for the assembly on piping, with wide air passage and low load losses.

Mobile Body
for containing the cartridge, easily unscrewable, with depressurisation device
for  greater safety and discharge of condensate.

Filtering Element
with double supports in stainless steel, with pressure connection to ease the replacement.

Automatic & Manual Discharge
with floating device for the draining of separated liquids.

Anti-Corrosion Treatment
with varnishing of the surfaces for a long life of the filter body.

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